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Su-Mac Cairn Club Meeting Dates

The next Su-Mac meeting date is September 21, held at Chuck and Don’s Pet Food Store in Edina, beginning at 7:30 pm.  The following meetings, Oct. 19 and Nov. 16 will also be held at the same place and time.


Upcoming Events



Time for the 2017 Toto Eye Clinic! Clinic will be held on Saturday, October 28, 2017.  View the application which is on the link below, print and complete, and follow the directions to mail the application to Jeanne Mortenson, address


Cute Cairn Telli models for Target!!

A Su-Mac Celebrity!

Cute Cairn Telli models for Target!!
photo 3

2017 Su-Mac Cairn Terrier FUN DAY!!

The cairns met, wagged tails, gave kisses, played, sparred, learned to hunt rats, and even earned a new CGC title!!  Fun Day was “fun”, please link to our Facebook page to check out snapshots graciously taken by our talented photographer