Member Announcements

Su-Mac Meeting

Hello Members and interested Cairn lovers! President Jodi has scheduled the dates for the upcoming meetings.  August 18th is an important one to settle final details for our Specialty.  That will be held at the Panera Resturant in Edina, 3345

President’s Corner

Now we are in full swing of Summer, let all beware of our pets, to keep fresh water for them and make sure we don’t take them on trips where we have to leave them in the car.  It can


Upcoming Events

Su-Mac Cairn Terrier August 2016 Specialty, Premium/Entry forms now available!

Reserve the Date!!!     The Su-Mac Specialty will be on Friday, August 26, held in Hugo, MN at the Total Recall School for Dogs, 17285 Forest Blvd. Our attending Judges will be Stephen Schellenberg for Sweeps, and Roberta Campbell for the