Becoming a Member

Become a Member of The Greater Twin Cities Su-Mac Cairn Terrier Club!

To become a member of the club, please print and read the Agreement to Abide document, the Code of Ethics, and the Application.  Complete the Code of Ethics form and the Application and send the completed original to the Club Secretary listed on the Application.  All applicants must be sponsored by two current members in good standing of the Greater Twin Cities Su-Mac Cairn Terrier Club. For further information and questions regarding our Club or becoming a Member, please contact Jo Anne Bucholz at

Our Club meets once a month, currently meetings are held monthly, please check this site for the current location as it may vary.

                                                            Membership Application

                                                                              Agreement to Abide

                                                                              Code of Ethics

                                                                              Su-Mac Constitution and ByLaws